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Coming November 2020: Tekmessage, True Two-Way Texting for the Auto Repair Industry

Tekmessage: True Two-Way Texting for the Auto Repair Industry

At Tekmetric, we’ve been busy creating the most requested feature by users: true two-way texting. We’re excited to announce that this November, you and your guests will be able to communicate with each other in a seamless, hassle-free way. 

Send and Receive Texts Directly in Tekmetric

Tekmessage: True Two-Way Texting for the Auto Repair IndustryTekmessage: True Two-Way Texting for the Auto Repair Industry

Once your shop sets up two-way texting within Tekmetric, your team and customers will be able to have instant, harmonious digital conversations. On your end, the Tekmessage interface will have a similar look and feel to social media messaging services (such as Facebook Messenger). Your customers, however, will see the conversations as regular text messages on their phones.

To use Tekmessage, simply click the messaging icon in the top right corner of your shop’s header within Tekmetric. Doing so will open the Tekmessage sidebar, where you’ll be able to see a full list of conversations with guests, send and receive texts, and search conversations.

Make Life Easier for Your Customers

With Tekmessage, your customers will no longer have to deal with clunky web browser links. 

Previous shop management messaging services required customers to open a link from a text in order to send a message to the shop. Now, with Tekmessage, customers can simply send a text message without having to open a web browser. And your service writers will instantly be able to see messages and respond without ever having to leave Tekmetric. 

Note: Digital vehicle inspections and estimates will still be sent as a clickable link because they include data-rich content such as graphs, checklists, etc.

All you have to do is message your customers using the Tekmessage integration, and they’ll receive a text. When they text back, it’ll show up in Tekmessage. Badda-bing. Badda-boom. 

Sync Your Shop’s Original Phone Number to Tekmessage

Tekmessage: True Two-Way Texting for the Auto Repair IndustryTekmessage: True Two-Way Texting for the Auto Repair Industry

With Tekmessage, you’ll be able to streamline how new customers communicate with your shop by choosing the phone number your shop sends messages from within Tekmetric. 

You can use your shop’s existing phone number—the one you have been advertising on your website and Google My Business profile—to make it easier than ever for new customers to reach you and for service writers to add their new customers' information to Tekmetric.

Or, you can choose a different phone number based on the available phone numbers in your area. Either way, when you text customers via Tekmessage, the number that they will see on their phones will be the one you chose during setup. 

And if you're a multi-shop owner, you can set up a separate Tekmessage number for each individual shop. 

Centralize Customer Communication

Tekmessage: True Two-Way Texting for the Auto Repair Industry

Think of Tekmessage as your new customer communication command center. From the Tekmessage sidebar, you’ll be able to: 

  • Search existing contacts by name and number

  • Send texts to customers and numbers not yet in the system

  • Receive and respond to texts from new and existing customers 

  • Create and view upcoming appointments

  • Create and view active repair orders

  • Quickly view customer profiles

  • Mark messages as read and unread

  • See which employee sent a response and what time they sent that response

Take Tekmetric for a Test Drive

We designed Tekmessage to work in synergy with Tekmetric’s full suite of operational and reporting tools that help shop owners streamline workflows, impress guests, and boost business. Current Tekmetric users will start receiving access to Tekmessage when it launches in late-November 2020. 

Not a Tekmetric user yet? Request a demo today!

Go Ahead, Kick The Tires

Curious to see how Tekmetric works? Schedule a live demo. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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