Tekmetric Brand Guidelines

If you're working with Tekmetric and will be representing our brand, please review our brand guidelines. We have worked hard to build a brand shops are proud to use, let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Font & Logo

Our branded font is Roboto. We use the Bold or Black font weights for headlines and CTAs. We use the Regular or Light font weights for body copy.

Tekmetric is our flagship product and our primary logo is the 2 color Tekmetric orange & grey with the grey “Shop Management System” tagline on a white background.

Clearing Space

The minimum clear space of the logo is the width of the k in Tekmetric.

Logo Layout

Please use the logos that are available to download on this webpage. This will ensure that our brand is consistently laid out, in the same way, each time it is used. Icon on the left, company name on the right, and the tagline centered under the company name.

Logo Variations

For most areas, when the logo width is LARGER than 125px, please use our 2-color logo that CONTAINS the tagline.

For small areas, when the logo width is SMALLER than 125px, please use our 2-color logo that does NOT contain the tagline.

In certain situations, like social media badges or content watermarks. It may aesthetically benefit our brand if we use just the icon. Please use white space around the icon so the image is not touching edge to edge.

Logo on Color

Primarily, the Tekmetric logo should be on a white background. In certain situations, the logo can be used on a colored background so long as there is distinguishable contrast. We tend to use blue, orange, or grey backgrounds.

Tekmetric Blue


RGB: 8, 78, 124

CMYK: 94, 37, 0, 51

Tekmetric Orange


RGB: 238, 88, 52

CMYK: 0, 63, 78, 7

Tekmetric Grey


RGB: 83, 109, 120

CMYK: 31, 9, 0, 53

Logo Guidance

In written copy, only the "T" is capitalized in "Tekmetric". Please do not write it as "TekMetric" or "TEKMETRIC" or "tekmetric". Below are other brand and logo don'ts.

Don’t use the logo on a background with low contrast.

Don’t add effects like shadows, dimensions, and gradients to the logo.

Don’t stretch or manipulate the logo.

Don’t rotate the logo.

Don’t place the logo in a shape or a container.

Don’t use the Tekmetric lettering alone.

Don’t type out Tekmetric in other fonts.

Don’t spell the logo incorrectly by adding an “s” to the logo.

Don’t type out Tekmetric in all caps.

Aspect Ratio & Partnerships

When the Tekmetric logo is laid out near a partner or other logos, please keep our aspect ratio in a simular stance with the other logos. For joint branding, please align partnership logos with a divider and “k” clearing space.


Our goal is to feature real images of auto repair shops and professionals in their natural environment.

Avoid subjects intended to look like paid models and stock photography.

Tekmetric Sub-brands

Please follow the general guidelines set for the Tekmetric brand for its sub-brands. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us.

Tekmerchant offers an integrated payment processing solution for auto repair shops that use Tekmetric.

Tekmessage offers an integrated 2-way messaging solution for auto repair shops that use Tekmetric.

Tekmetric Brand Guidelines

We hope these guidelines help our partners promote our brand in a professional manner.

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