Drive your business—Anytime, anywhere.

Get the metrics that matter most.

See how your shops are performing month-to-month or zoom in to evaluate the close ratio of a single service writer. From the big picture to the smallest detail, Tekmetric’s dynamic reporting gives you a customizable view of all your sales numbers at the click of a button. Track ARO, Close Ratio, Total GP, Car Count, and more for any sales cycle.

Track and leverage details for better service.

Small changes can make a big difference. Tekmetric makes it easy for technicians and service writers to take detailed notes so they can better serve your customers. Shop owners can analyze granular patterns about repairs, performance, and customers to better understand larger business trends.

Run reports in seconds.

Labor, parts, fees, discounts, job categories, declined jobs, taxes, accounts, marketing resources— see everything related to the job in a snap.

Unlimited users. Unlimited devices.

Shop management works best when everyone is on the same page. Some shop management systems charge per user, making it harder for you to grow. Just because you're a big or growing shop doesn't mean you should be punished. Tekmetric plans make it easy for you to scale. Add employee profiles for service writers and technicians so they can securely log in from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Track and organize to analyze the performance of each employee and troubleshoot issues with ease.

Take a look under the hood.

Want to see what a lightweight, high-powered shop management system looks like? Pop the hood. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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