Scott Elmore from Stan’s Automotive

  • Owner: Scott Elmore
  • Location: Lafayette, Colorado
  • Staff: 16
  • Avg. Monthly Car Count: 600
  • ARO: $535 (65% increase in 1 year)
  • Number of Bays: 14
  • Shop Management System: Tekmetric
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Scott Elmore likes to joke that he was the only one of his siblings dumb enough to come back to his father’s auto repair business. Before that, Scott built houses and wasn’t at all interested in fixing cars. But when his father started talking to him about taking over the family business, it came with a bit of sage advice: Stan’s is not about fixing cars—it is about helping people solve problems. Mrs. Jones doesn’t care if her alternator fluid is leaking. She cares if she can get her kid to school, or her mom to the doctor. Stan’s helps with that. Stan’s help solve problems; auto repair is just part of how they accomplish that goal.
Scott’s parents, Stan & Donna, started Stan’s Automotive in 1973 when Lafayette was a small town with a population of about 4,000. Today, Scott and his team serve a community of about 100,000, repairing a full range of domestic and foreign vehicles. They have grown his family’s shop alongside Lafayette and the surrounding area. Today, Scott and his team continue to refine Stan’s Automotive, innovating new ways to help the people in his hometown of Lafayette.
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47 Years of Quality, Care, and Giving Back

After college, when I returned to working with dad, he showed me that the business was really not about fixing cars, but about our relationships with people. A turning point for me was realizing that ‘family-owned business’ means that my family values are my business values—and that dictates how I treat my staff and how we treat our clients.

My fundamental philosophy is that if you live to help other people win, then ultimately you're going to win, too.

We all care and look out for each other. If one of our staff has a family emergency, we all pull together so that they can take the time they need with their family. The definition I have of doing it right is this: Am I taking care of my team, my customers, and my business? If I can say “yes”, then we’re doing it right. Profitability, sustainability, and growth will follow.

Adopting a New Shop Management System

Our business has grown up in a small town that has become a big town. There is no secret to sticking around for 47 years; we just treat everyone like family and stay involved in the success of the community.

We see doing the right thing as a philosophy and not a tactic. It's made us very successful.

We set aside the majority of our marketing budget to help people. Another ad in a newspaper doesn’t help people. Solving people’s problems does. A couple of weeks ago, a church reached out to us to ask if we could fix a woman’s heater who just moved here from Florida. Somebody had bypassed her heater core because it was too expensive for her to repair. That was fine when she lived in Florida, but in Colorado during the winter, a heater is pretty important. We took care of it because under the circumstances it was the right thing to do.
Tekmetric’s February Shop Spotlight: Stan's Automotive

Helping Our Community Succeed

When my dad started Stan’s in 1973, they were running on scratch paper, pens and pencils like everybody else. Throughout the years, we adopted shop management systems that were fit for the level of business that we were doing at the time. But when we started vision-casting in 2018, we realized that we needed software that was going to propel us for the next 10 years and beyond.
For the sake of my team, I wanted them to be able to accomplish more without simply working harder. If I can put a tool in their hands that helps them do their job in half the time, it empowers them to put more of their focus on client service and run a better shop. That's motivating. That’s growing. That’s transforming.
Our shop management system also empowers our clients. They need to feel like they are more than just a repair order. We give them options to communicate with us on their terms: we can text, email, or call them about their repairs. The more communication options our shop management system provides, the more we are able to give our clients the kind of experience that shows how much we value and respect them.
For more information about Stan's Automotive, visit Stansautomotive.com.

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